Monday, 20 July 2020

The importance of good home care to conserve the abilities of the elderly

Our population is progressively increasing  life expectancy. According to European figures, current life expectancy is 83 years, while in 2000, it was 79 years. South African figures are obviously very different across all of the population, but will apply to a certain extent to the average middle to  higher income senior citizen in our country.
However, ageing is not necessarily consistent with maintaining good health.
It is very important to promote active aging to prevent the disease or act as a palliative reinforcement when it already exists, so that the aged do not only live longer, but also in the best conditions. However, as a result of the development of certain pathologies, with age, tendencies towards sedentary lifestyle and social isolation develop.
Most of the dependent elderly people living in their homes are cared for by their direct relatives or non-professional caregivers. Most of them do not have enough support for the elderly to maintain physical and cognitive abilities, often showing a rapid deterioration that implies changes and restrictions for the caregiver and the greater in personal, family, social and work life.
The objective is not to take care, but to take good care, which in some cases requires the help of expert professionals in the care of the elderly, whether at home or in residential centers.
However, it is often difficult for people to leave their home where they have lived all their lives, especially when they are in an initial or moderate situation of dependency and it is still feasible to receive support in their own home.
Therefore, there are services that facilitate receiving the appropriate care at home by professionals.
Private care giving allows older people to access the professional care  without leaving their homes. They offer services for families in which, based on an assessment of the needs of the elderly person, an Individualized  care plan will be worked  out.
In addition, the caregiver has expert advice 24 hours 7 days 365 days a year by a Care Coordinator and a specialized team. In addition to a comprehensive medical assessment and continuity of care of a medical expert in care for the elderly. With these services it is guaranteed that the oldest person continues in his home without losing quality of life and delaying the physical and cognitive deterioration, as long as possible.
Consult with a reputable caring organisation before you employ a carer.

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